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The SCS – 2 for certain is the very best PTFE insulated pure metal loudspeaker line available in the world.

 The size is 2 gauge with 665 strands and a conductor cross-section area of 33.9 mm²

* Ext. diam. is: 9.70 mm.

* The resistance is an extremely low 0.51 Ohm/km.

* Each strand is made of a very high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC covered with a dense and very pure silver coating in an extrusion process.

* The SCS – 2 is available on 50 meter reels or in any specified length with beige PTFE jacket with “van den Hul SCS – 2” printing in a brown colour.

* The insulation voltage rating is 1000 Volt RMS but the actual test voltage is 3500 Volt RMS.

* The tonal quality is superb; especially its extreme and smooth high frequency resolution is exceptional.

* The bass reproduction is very natural and powerful.